What is Dealer Fraud?

The Auto Dealers know that you would of never purchased the car if the real information was disclosed. They are hoping to wear you down so you would just walk away.

  • Odometer Rollback or Mileage Rollback
  • Nondisclosure of Prior Accident
  • Nondisclosure of Frame Damage
  • Nondisclosure of Vehicle Titled as a Lemon Buy Back
  • Nondisclosure of of prior use of Taxi Cab
  • Nondisclosure of of prior use of Rental Vehicle
  • Misrepresentation of Services
  • Misrepresentation of Warranty Terms
  • Misrepresentation of Safety and Condition
  • False Certification of Certified Pre-owned Used Vehicle
  • Misrepresentation of Equipment
  • Misappropriate of Down Payment Funds